Used my @idNYC when I visited @BronxZoo #HometownTourist

Had a nice relaxing time at the Zoo a little over a week ago (I think the last time I was there I was seven years old).  Here are a few shots from that day. 

Why would anyone want to kill these beautiful creatures for pleasure?  

There is so much to see and so much to learn.  I do hope to pay another visit to Bronx Zoo before the end of the season.  If you have an idNYC, then don't forget to get your free on year membership before the end of 2015.

with @idNYC Go appreciate NYC

So, I've been recently using my idNYC to visit various sites in NYC.  Amazing how some of us jaded New Yorkers don't even realize what's in our backyards.  Well, since having an idNYC gives you memberships to a select cultural venues, then why not take advantage of this?  I recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and receive a free 1 year membership using my idNYC. #win




I highly recommend getting an idNYC if you haven't already.

Fleet Week NYC

When the troops are in town we get to see how young they really are.  In the movies there are 30 something actors playing 20 somethings and 20 somethings playing teenagers.  In fact, in real life they look like babies; these youngsters we send to war.

Laurence John Fishburne in Apocalypse Now actually looked the part because he was in fact a teenager.  


My heart goes out to the families of our fallen soldiers and I pray for our servicemen and women out there.  Thank you for your commitment .

Let us not be fooled by what actors portray... These young soldiers do this in real-life in real-time.  

AIDS Walk New York 2015

What a great day today!! 

Walking for AIDS Walk New York.; Money raised benefits GMHC

We are all living with HIV regardless of our status.  

AIDS Walk Volunteer

AIDS Walk Volunteer

AIDS Walk Volunteer

The Volunteers were all Amazing!

Team Marriott

People from all Walks of life and various industries walk for the cause!!

Lots of great stuff!!!  We walked so that people infected HIV can have access to much needed services.  NYC TriState area is in the top 10 of highest rate of new infections in the U.S.   Money raised through such events like AIDS Walk New York will help fund Outreach and Prevention services.  Again, we are all living wit HIV so, find out what you can do in your local community and/or learn more about HIV awareness and prevention.  

Miss Columbia

Miss Columbia walks every year!!


NYC Stilts

Performers on route cheering the Walkers!!